The essential is invisible to the eye

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The experience acquired over the years guarantees professionality and wharmth. It makes you feel at home.

The family’s passion is shown through their attention and top quality service given to the guests. Their subtleness and gentleness represent today’s true luxury.

“What makes Hotel Porta Rosa special is our idea of luxury , luxury for us is to feel at ease. A cosey place but at the same time sophisticated. Our experience allows us to know what our guests need and therefore we are able to satisfy all their desires. 

This is what makes Hotel Porta Rosa special. Come and try this unique experience.

We are waiting for you …”

Angelo, Pina, Serenella e Antonio


Attention to the detail, quality of service and professionalism combined with the warmth of home

To satisfy all our guests’ needs and offer them top quality service. A unique experience which will make your stay unforgettable


Quality in the material used and in the furnishings. Quality products and service given to our guests.


The respect for our traditional cuisine and the warmth of our land –the Cilento , to make our guests feel at home.


Constant improvement and up-dating to keep up with our guests’ needs.


Professionality , subtleness and kindness. Our aim is to keep one step ahead of our guests’ desires